Patriarch Estefan Doueihi: A Biography


Zgharta author, Mikhael S. Doueihi, book, "Patriarch Estefan Doueihi: A Biography", has gain a wide repuatation within the Maronite community since its publication earlier this year. This has now been recognised by the Lebanese national newspaper, An Nahar who has featured the book in their edition today.

The book encompasses the life and work of the Patriarch, recounting his lifetime undertaking to record the history of the Maronites; his contribution to both the Maronite Church and national politics; with a résumé of his writings and miracles. The book is written for the general reader who has little or no knowledge of the Patriarch and Lebanon. It also shows the struggle for survival of the early Maronites, which will have resonance with many today.

The book is written in English and consists of 36 pages, with a double-page map of Kadisha and Ehden, notated with the Holy sites and colour photographs, and measures 23 cm x 15 cm .

To purchase the book online for US$8 (LL 12,000) click on the image of the bookcover on the homepage advertisment section and follow the links.

The An Nahar article can be read from this link.
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